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Lady Ivy Music / Lumen Atra Music & Entertainment

What Makes Us Most Affordable?

Lumen Atra Music provides live entertainment with our band(s) customizable from 2 - 10 pieces. But what if you could have a 5 - 10 piece group- any genre and/or any era, at half the band size and a fraction of the price? Whether it's space, sound limitations, or a particular budget to meet, our band can do just that. What makes this possible? Our ability to have our musicians there in a live, digital form through our in-studio, live recorded music tracks. Recorded and post produced by Lady Ivy herself including backing vocals, live horns, percussion and more. This allows our 2 - 4 piece group to fit perfectly- and be fully equipped to bring the same upbeat, fun and engaging atmosphere to any event...


...And it doesn't just apply to our dance band options, but to our acoustic group as well. Cocktail and dinner hours, restaurants, wineries, corporate events and more.

Contact us to discuss our different sized sound system and lighting packages to create a memorable, unique, budget friendly entertainment experience.

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