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Lady Ivy Music / Lumen Atra Music & Entertainment


Create Your Vision With Us!

What sets Lumen Atra apart within music & entertainment is our ability to be customizable in every way- from band size to sound system, from acoustic to dance. We believe that budget should never stop someone from building their vision- which is why we have made it possible to offer something for everyone to fit almost every event and budget. Our Duo/Trio can affordably bring the same show as our larger group based on our custom made tracks intricately built and pre/post produced by Lady Ivy herself. From actual instrumentation to real backing vocals, Ivy's tracks make it possible to have an entire band present with any band size. Looking for a larger, live band? We have that too! Everything from live horns, percussion, dancers and more. It's all there for your creativity to choose from. Our repertoire consists of all genres so as to have a song resonate with all guests of every age. Want themed? We can do that as well--  everything from Motown, Funk, 80s, 90s, 00s, Disco and more. What will you decide? There's no idea too wild or unique to try! Contact Lady Ivy direct to begin the process of building your event. We can't wait to see your ideas come to life!



Lumen Atra Acoustic is the perfect combination of sultry vocals and precise, unique beats. Choose from many different instrumentation combos to build your duo or trio for what fits your event best. Ceremonies, background music for cocktail/dinner hours, jazz events and more. All genres apply-- Motown, Disco, 70s, 80s, 90s, Top 40 Dance, Jazz, Smooth Grooves and more. Have your choice of completely acoustic or a mixture of dance and acoustic. 



Instrumentation options:







Instrumentation Options:











Fully customizable- built to fit any size venue, event, genre, theme, and budget. Spanning many decades of music, build a variety of dance music where there's a little something for everyone or stay completely themed within one genre. Build your size band too with options of live horns, live percussion, vocalists, dancers and more. Your event is your playground- so let your ideas run with your ability to choose from our host of musical and entertainment options.


Fully customizable from band size to Latin genre. Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue and Top 40 from classic to current and everything in between. Build your group from 5 - 10 pieces with options of live horns, live percussion, vocalists and/or dancers. Or choose our scaled down band for cocktail/dinner hour, background music and more. Weddings, Quinceaneras, Birthdays, Private Events and more. 

Phoebe's Buffet! Get ready for an overload of 90s music on your plate with our customizable 90s repertoire-- make your dance list a mixture of everything 90s or select 90s genres- Grunge, Pop, Rock, etc. Weddings, corporate events, private parties, etc. You might even get a few "Friend"-ly, smelly classics in the mix!

Bottleshock-- exactly as it sounds and exactly what you'll get! The one and only, first of its kind as we coin the term "Wine Rock". Based off the 2008 movie Bottle Shock, not only will you get the Classic Rock feels, but many other vibe-y and smooth tunes perfect for sipping your afternoon or evening wine to. A few glasses in and we will rock it up for your dancing pleasure! Wineries, weddings, private events, parties and any other get together where squished grapes are on the menu.

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