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Lady Ivy Music / Lumen Atra Music & Entertainment


Lady Ivy - Band Leader/Lead Vocalist

Hello! I am Lady Ivy-- owner & lead vocalist for my band and company- Lumen Atra Music & Entertainment. With over 15 years experience working in the wedding and corporate industry with many different couples and event planners, I have created a music company where you are the creator! In my career I have helped bring couples and clients ideas to life-- from party flash mobs, 1920s era themed receptions, wedding party surprise acapella, to movie themed choreographed first dances. There's no idea too wild or unique! Why not? It's your special day where love is the utmost priority-- things unforgettable should happen! We are customizable in every fashion, acoustic, jazz, full dance band and more. Budget should never get in the way of what you want for your special day, so I have built a music show customizable to fit your needs while staying affordable. What do I mean? Our duo/trio group can bring the same show as our larger group with my customized, real instrument tracks. I personally build them, add real backing vocals along with all the post production to bring a group of real musicians no matter what size band is needed.

So please feel free to reach out with your ideas and vision. I look forward to helping you every step of the way of this creative journey!


Louis Gonzales -Music Director

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Louis spent his formative years learning music from his older brother, Joe Gonzales (2x latin grammy winning musician) at the age of 8. As the years went on, he continued his musical instruction on drums throughout middle school and high school learning the foundation of what would eventually become his future career as a musician. As a result, this led him to be perform in venues such as the 1996 Midwest Clinic in Chicago, Illinois, and the

1998 Vail Jazz Festival in Vail Colorado among various other venues in and outside of the Houston area. It had also allowed him share the stage and perform with the likes of jazz greats such as Marvin Stamm, Alvin Batiste, Danilo Perez, Ndugu Chancler, Horace Alexander Young, and David Sanchez just to name a few all before the age of 18.

In continuing with his musical education, he was awarded a full scholarship to the Florida International University school of Music, and would later transfer on scholarship and graduate with degree in Music Studio and Jazz Performance at the Frost University of Miami school of Music in Miami, Florida in 2005. While attending music school, Louis was also able to broaden his musical abilities by studying, performing, and touring on latin percussion alongside percussion great Fausto Cuevas III (Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Stevie Wonder, etc...) among various other percussion greats who have helped shape his musical education.

Upon acquiring his degree, Louis has lived and worked as a full time musician in Miami, Florida for a number of years studying, playing, performing, and recording. Throughout his career he has been able to perform in many different styles of music on both drum set and latin percussion with various artists and groups such as Donna Summer, Shala Duracal, Hector Tricoche’, La Mafia, and John Carter and Ana Cristina Cash among others. Everything from funk, salsa, pop, reggae, country, reggaeton, brazilian, to disco. You name it he’s played it, performed it, or recorded it. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California were he’s known for his professionalism, versatility, extensive experience and knowledge within the music scene.

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